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Planting Sod

Plant it Quickly

Plant your sod the day it is delivered, ideally within 24 hours, to minimize stress to the grass. Living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we can technically plant sod any time of year, but in the summer it's especially important to get sod laid as quickly as possible after delivery.

Lay Sod Like Bricks, not Like a Checkerboard

Line up your first row of sod next to a straight landmark, such as a fence or sidewalk. If you don't have a straight line in your landscape, you can use two stakes with a string connecting them to create one. Use a brick-style staggered pattern, so that the joins will be less noticeable as the grass fills in. 

Whatever You Do

Water Immediately

Water Generously

You really can't water your fresh grass enough in the first few days after planting. If you can, we recommend using a sprinkler on grass as soon as you lay a substantial section, then moving the sprinkler to new sections as you make progress.

First 7-10 Days: water to the point of saturation at any time of day (as permitted by your local regulations). This can mean as many as 20-30 minutes per station, twice per day. If you see runoff, you can decrease this time. If your grass dries out before sunset, add another watering cycle. Be sure to obtain a variance for watering. Unless a variance is requested and granted, watering new plantings outside of assigned days and times will be subject to citation.

After 10 Days: Scale down your watering schedule. Water when the grass seems slightly wilted, rather than adhering to a programmed schedule. is a great resource that allows you to see weekly watering advice tailored to the DFW area.

Watering sparingly is not just good for the environment and for your water bill. It also encourages your grass to grow deeper roots that can help your lawn weather a harsh winter or a drought. Click here to buy grass in Lewisville.

Roll Your Sod

A sod roller is a large cylinder that can be filled with water and pushed over your lawn. Rolling your sod with this tool:

  • helps push seams of the sod pieces together

  • presses the sod to the soil more firmly, encouraging root establishment

  • evens out lumps and bumps in your new lawn

They're very affordable to rent at your local Home Depot tool rental center. After your first watering, while the ground is somewhat softened, fill the sod roller with water and push it over your lawn several times.

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